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The Effects of Achillea Millefolium Tea

The meadows, pastures and roadsides in the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere are the common home of a flowering plant known by the botanical name Achillea millefolium. Known by the common name yarrow, achillea millefolium is a member of the aster family, a title it shares with daisies, marigold, echinacea and dandelion, merely to name a few. Its small, sweet-scented flowers appear somewhere between May and June. It is not commonly used in gardens today due to its ability to spread rapidly, but achillea millefolium has a long history of medicinal use. Its flowers and leaves have served to make a poultice, salve, tincture, and herbal tea, respected for the variety of its effects. Among its many uses, achillea millefolium tea may be used to promote digestion, shorten a cold and support healthy blood pressure.

A Bee On Wild Yarrow

A Useful Digestive Aid

Achillea millefolium tea proves to be very effective for bettering digestion. The slightly bitter nature of yarrow stimulates the production of digestive bile in the gall bladder, which is very important for digestion. This allows for better digestion and metabolizing of food, particularly meals that may be difficult to digest, such as greasy or heavy meals. Achillea millefolium tea can also bring relief to digestive issues because of its anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effects. These help to relax overactive muscles and limit swelling, which in turn lessens symptoms such as nausea, bowel cramps, bloating and diarrhea.

A Natural Cold Remedy

Achillea millefolium tea may also be used to defend against a cold. The leaves and flowers of the plant contain essential oils with antibacterial and antiseptic properties that can aid the immune system in eliminating infectious agents. It can also help to cleanse the throat of phlegm to reduce a cough, and the warmth of tea helps to soothe a sore throat. It is also useful against a fever as a diaphoretic, causing the body to sweat and thus reducing internal body temperature.

Beautiful Yarrow Flowers

A Circulatory Tonic

This tea also serves to tone the blood vessels and promote healthy circulation. It serves to tone and strengthen the blood vessels and dilate them, allowing for easier blood flow. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it can also reduce swelling that may constrict the blood vessels. Achillea millefolium can also lessen the formation of blood clots, lowering the risk of heart disease and other dangerous conditions.

Preparation: Preparing achillea millefolium tea is a simple process. To prepare a cup of achillea millefolium tea, add one teabag to a cup of boiled water. Allow it to steep, covered, for ten minutes. Once the tea has steeped, remove the tea bag and serve. Honey and lemon may be added as desired to add natural sweetness or zest to the flavor. Because of the potent effects of achillea millefolium tea, it is advised not to consume more than three cups daily. As with any herbal tea, caution should be used when taking this herb for medicinal benefits. Women who are pregnant or nursing and people taking prescribed medication are advised to consult with a physician before using achillea millefolium tea.

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